Friday, September 18, 2009

QuickScroll 2.2a should be available on Cydia soon.

QuickScroll 2.2 2.2a is released, and this marks the completion (so far) of the QuickScroll project. Thanks to the gdb for 3.1 I've finally squashed the "HiCalc" bug. I have already submitted it to BigBoss and should be available in a day. If you can't wait, you can still download from here.

Change log from 2.1a:
  • The scrolling indicator is no longer visible when scrollbar is used.
  • You should be able to use the scroller in HiCalc and other apps that canCancelContentTouches.

Change log from 2.2:
  • Fixed an obscure bug that causes crashing when the scroll view disappears. Thanks Optimo for discovering.


  1. I have an issue with the latest version.

    Sometimes when i fiddle with the settings, after I enable or disable the "Scrolling" feature, or the "Activate by" settings, and when i get back to the SpringBoard i can't change pages on the springboard.

    After a respring things get back to normal.

    But this happen very often.

  2. The scrollbar still needs to be adjusted in Safari as it's path extends behind the addressbar/searchbar and, at the bottom, doesn't reach the end of the window. A quick comparison with how scrolling indicator works in Safari will show the difference.

    A SBSettings toggle to switch between the scrollbar and other quickscroll viewing option would be very usefull. I'm discovering that the scrollbar is only useful in certain apps or even certain websites in Safari...

  3. @Sean:

    1) The scrollbar doesn't reach the bottom because it will be very awkward when the secondary scrollbar appears due to resizing.
    2) The scrollbar is behind the the address bar because the address bar is always above the web page and the scrollbar is part of the web page.
    3) The scrolling indicator can work like that because (A) it is narrow and (B) you can't interact with that.
    4) There is per-app settings in QuickScroll already.

  4. @KennyTM~

    Re: 1), 2), 3)
    Thanks for explaining all that. I now understand and accept the choices and limitations.

    Re: 4)
    Sorry, I think you got me wrong there. I'm asking for an SBSettings toggle to switch between the dialog with green box and the scrollbar options for, not a toggle to turn off quickscroll completely.