Friday, September 25, 2009

GreenTea devices — You can still use Maps.

I have forcefully enabled GreenTea on my device (with MobileSubstrate) but almost everything behaves normally (iTunes is still accessible, YouTube is not hidden, Maps shows everywhere, etc.). The only difference I've noticed is:
  • There is no Hybrid mode in Maps when GreenTea is on.

Oh well.

Anyway, the string "GreenTea" can be found in at least these 5 binaries: SpringBoard, MapKit, GMM, GraphicsServices, PhotoLibrary.

In SpringBoard, GreenTea can be found in these scenarios:
  • CFSTR("SBShowITunesStoreOnGreenTea") // in -[SpringBoard userDefaultsDidChange:]
  • kGSGreenTeaDeviceCapability near @selector(allowYouTube)

In MapKit,
  • -[UIDevice(MKAdditions) _mapkit_isChinaDevice] which returns GSSystemHasCapability(kGSGreenTeaDeviceCapability)
  • Some non-harmful changes in MKSearch***
  • In MKMaxZoomLevelForCoordinate(), if _mapkit_isChinaDevice returns true, jumps over the test against MKCoordinateIsInSouthKorea() // wtf is going on?!

  • Changes the server to

In PhotoLibrary,
  • Something related to MMS.

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  1. I have some question.
    I tried to change the GMMServerURL to, but it didn't worked.
    And, what's your disassembly tool? :) (I only know otool... * tragedy * )
    my email is: