Tuesday, September 1, 2009

iKeyEx & 5-Row QWERTY 0.1-99h are released

Downloads can be found in here as usual.

Changes from "g" are:

  • You can now long-press control keys (left, right, etc) to repeat actions.
  • ANSI and X11 apps for control keys are now correctly detected.
  • The config file is moved to ~/Library/Keyboard/iKeyEx::config.plist. This allows the config to be preserved even after firmware upgrade. (Permission problems will also be fixed during installation.)
  • PSBundle for layouts and IMEs. Normal users can find them in Settings → iKeyEx → Customize.
  • In the delete cache page, the total file size of the cache entry will be reported.
  • Candidate calculation in .cin IMEs now actually runs in background.
  • Associated phrases (aka Completion) can be disabled.
  • iKeyEx-KBMan now registers input modes correctly without causing crashes. Also it now purges layout cache correctly.

The "h" version of iKeyEx is considered a release candidate. I'll try to get it to BigBoss's beta repo if no major bug is found.

Many of the changes in "g" and "h" are to prepare for the 5 Row QWERTY layout. Of course, the major change for 5 Row QWERTY is it works on 3.0, but even compared with 0.1-9b, there are a few points to need to notice:
  1. You'll find that the Tab, Esc, Page Up keys etc become words instead of symbols. This is because, with the system fonts all the previous symbols cannot be rendered. For consistency I just change them all into words.
  2. The "Autocorrection" part of the old pref bundle is now handled by Mix & Match.
  3. Sometimes your customization won't take effect. Try to Delete cache if that happens.

There are no modifications other than these.


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  2. Seems to be working flawlessly for me. Thanks for the hard work. I did notice that using the Delete key in MobileTerminal gives me a tilde instead of deleting, but seems to delete properly in other applications. I assume that's MT's fault.

    (Editing to add) It appears it's not only Delete, but End, Home, Pgup, Pgdn also, and Esc doesn't do anything in MobileTerminal. All seem to work elsewhere though.

  3. works great thanks :-)

  4. @JM:

    It should be MT's problem. If you load "nano" in MT you'll find these keys all work correctly.

  5. No more GriP updates :( Who cares about keyboards :p

  6. what about the MultiTap keyboard?

  7. yeah, multitap :) and punctuation mod

  8. yeah ,and L33tTyper to

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  11. 99h works fine for me, but can't get the 5-row keyboard with control keys working...it just crashes:( anyway I'm happy with my own old keyboard setting...

  12. IMPORTANT!!!

    Random bug with 倉頡 keyboard. Sometime while typing, it failed to show the text but halt and has to backspace a few times to keep on typing. You can try with a sms of around 30 chinese characters, backspace a few times while typing, you will mostly encounter the bug very shortly

  13. 1 more bug discovered with 倉頡:

    1. 打(人弓火火火)
    2. 打 space 出現 "氮" 字
    3. backspace 一下
    4. 打個"人"字,唔出人,出左 "o"

    Hope this could help!

  14. Thanks for the great work. Changjie is working great for me.

    People in some discussion forums are keen to have 簡易輸入法 as well. So I am exploring adding it with a cin. It basically works but I found that character choice list does not come in the order of the cin table. Any clues? Did I miss some settings?

  15. @Rubisco:

    In which app?


    Thanks for reporting. Although I can't reproduce it I have a rough idea why it happens.


    The character choice is ordered using the "Characters table".

  16. You can create viet nam keyboard !? my yahoo: pi_kachuchu89@yahoo.com
    i want 1 keyboard vietnam pls pm !thanks

  17. for me, numbers are autocorrecting to words. example: 1 turns into q

  18. hello
    Is it possible to create in ikeyex, a keyboard, when you click on a particular character, and after that on a different character
    A third character will received?

  19. Thank you so much for making this work on 3.0.

    I didn't know anything about iPhone hacking when I was on 2.2, and upgraded not realising I'd be missing out on so many great things, but now it's restored and you've absolutely made my day.

    I know I'm also several days late, but that's because I am, I'm sure you don't care.

    Once again, thank you very much.

  20. Hmm... It seems there's one small problem...

    I've set an apostrophe to be replacement-when-capital-thingy for the number six and after I press it it goes to my second page with my symbols and the pg up/ pg down/ home/ end etc. keys on it...

    This happens across all apps.

    Thanks again.

  21. thanks for 5 row qwerty - working nicely on 3.0

  22. Hi there. iKeyEx "j" and 5 row qwerty are working very nicely on my 3GS with 3.0 f/w. Customizations don't work at all until Delete Cache is executed....but at least they work after that.