Thursday, September 10, 2009

iKeyEx 0.1-99i released.

Download = here.

  • Fixed issue 313. In an alt (numbers) plane, pressing the space key will go back to the main (alphabets) plane.
  • Typing the apostrophe (') in the main plane no longer auto-switch to the alt plane.
  • Fixed issue 312, and many other auto-shift related quirks.
  • .cin IME:
    • Number of candidates is limited to avoid near-infinite loop. 64.0 candidates should be enough for everyone.
    • Multi-radical continuation works again.
    • Fixed cases where blank candidates appear.
    • Candidate searching now operates in serial for reliability. You may experience some degrade in performance.
    • A progress indicator is added when the Patricia tree dump for the IME was first generated. This is essential for some huge IME like 輕鬆輸入法, which takes nearly 2 minutes for the first launch.

(Chinese Users: 倉頡輸入法及額外字頻表及詞庫亦更新至 0.2-1 版,這與 0.2-0 版內容上其實沒分別,只是製作 deb 時改用了 gnutar,從而避免因含非 ASCII 檔名而導致安裝失敗。若果你正在使用這些軟件,則不用更新。)

By the way, if you find any bugs, please report at Issues in the project page. If you leave a comment here or the wiki I can't guarantee I can dig and fix that.

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  1. When will iKeyEx be up on Cydia?

  2. The new chinese input + 1.99i will ALWAYS crash and respring to safety mode once when switched to it.

    Also, it keeps on having the same issue when 字庫 & 倉頡 are installed together: only either of them can be installed, not both, or you may overwrite the other while installing one of them.

    FYI, I've always install by winscp using dpkg -i command. I don't know if you suppose us to use other methods...

  3. @momo:

    1. Will it crash if only the Chinese input was installed, but without the Phrase tables?
    2. The two cannot install together would be some deb problem... I'll see what's the cause. (And yes, the dpkg -i is the only way.)

  4. @momo:

    OK the 2nd problem is fixed. You can download the Cangjie 0.2-2 version in

    And for the crash, please write a new issue at If possible, attach your crash log too. Thanks!

  5. I've got 1 more opinion as well. (I dont know whether it's caused by bugs or not)

    我發覺暫時 ikeyex "最好用" 的安裝法是先裝 1.99h, 然後裝2.1 詞庫, 再裝 2.1 輸入法 (沒錯, 是 2.1!)

    這樣裝會把 "字頻表" 和 "詞庫" 清空, 這樣做打字時才會把大多數最常用的字放先頭, 一按 space 即入, 不用按選字表, 例如:

    大弓 + space:
    清空: 九
    沒清空: 夷 (無論用是內置還是黃氏都是一樣)

    一弓心 + space:
    清空: 死
    沒清空: (瑜上心下) << 桌機打不出來...

    這個問題不知道是如何產生的, 不過可以的話給一個 "清空" 的選項好了, 不然按了一次內置後要回桌機重裝才能重新清空

    P.S. 詞庫會同時清空, 然後按甚麼字都不會出相關字. 因此我在清空字頻表後, 會回去把詞庫設回內置

  6. 又打漏野... 注意要常用字出先, 隨"清空"字頻表外, 也要把所有字頻表快取清除, 方會有效

  7. @momo:

    Thanks for the crash report!

    另外,到「設定 -> iKeyEx -> 清除快取」(Settings -> iKeyEx -> Delete Cache) 刪除字頻表 (Characters tables) 和詞庫 (Phrase tables) 項亦有同樣效果,不用重新安裝。

  8. delete cache do not have the same effect
    清空的意思是"字頻表與詞庫"設定入面, 原本寫住"內置"果個位會空白, 刪除快取後, 內置仍會存在, 一打字個快取就會重新出現, 對出字次序沒有影響