Monday, September 14, 2009

QuickScroll 2 released

With a 333% size increase*, QuickScroll 2 is released to improve the scrolling experience.

  • QuickScroll 2 now introduces scrollbars, which is the default.

  • Besides PDF files, scroll views that explicitly allowed for paging can also be targeted.

  • The old scroller is still accessible, but you can now move it around (and occupies much less space).

  • (To jump to a page, tap the 123 icon at the lower right corner in scroll bar mode, or tap the ← arrow button in scroller dialog mode.)

  • These configuration can be set in Settings.

  • As you can see, there are 2 more gestures you can choose. The two-finger tap should allow you activate QuickScroll in a table view easier.

  • I've eliminated the close button. The scrollers will disappear in 2 seconds of inactivity.

  • QuickScroll's scrollers are now actually a subview of the scrolling view, while in the 1st version it is an alert box. This change allows QuickScroll to be used in very high-level windows like those in SBSettings and GriP.

  • I don't know how to localize PreferenceLoader entries yet. So no localizations in this version, sorry.

*: 24 KiB → 104 KiB on disk.


  1. nice changes, the default 1 second isn't quite long enough though. It kept disappearing before I noticed the scroll bars had appeared :P

  2. Great update! Now, update GriP too, pleaaaase

  3. unfortunately i simply cannot find the settings menu on my 3.0 iPhone 3G

  4. I am running 3.0.1 on a 3Gs and after going into settings, I could no longer swipe across my springboard pages. I thought it may have been a setting I altered, but even after returning to the defaults it would swipe anymore.

    Also, the little page jumping counter thing is terrible, it just kept popping up at the wrong moment, interfering with springboard functionality like crazy. And, as I said, trying to remedy this in the settings screwed up swiping.

    Uninstalled after 2 minutes of frustration. Where can I download the old version?

  5. I found the last version of 0.1 on the project wiki. I'm ok now! I am not opposed to improvements, I was just having too many glitches.

    First time using the terminal to install a package on my phone. Fairly easy.

  6. great job man! you have saved me a lot of work in finding a certain page in a large pdf file! thank you very much!