Sunday, September 20, 2009

class-dump-z 0.2-0 released.

(The version jump is mainly because every other project is moving to 0.2 era.)


Note: Mac OS X 10.6 is required in this version.

What's changed:
  • Universal binary is supported. You can choose different architectures with the -u switch. (Not -arch or --arch because I didn't use getopt_long.)
  • Completely recognizes the new __LINKEDIT format. XXUnknownSuperclass shall no longer appears for 3.1 binaries.
  • __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))) will be included as well when the class is not exported (e.g. UIKeyboardLayoutStar).
  • Options to hide categories and protocols.
  • Sort class alphabetically, but keep class methods and -init methods on top (suggested by ashikase)
  • Option to choose between +(void)foo; and + (void)foo;. (suggested by ashikase)
  • Fixes a minor bug where timeOut:(int)out was written instead of timeOut:(int)anOut.

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  1. KennyTM, man, please release some info about GriP :(