Wednesday, September 16, 2009

QuickScroll 2.1a.


New features:
  • QuickScroll can be disabled for each particular app, including SpringBoard.
  • Activate by scrolling. (This is off by default since you can't have smooth scrolling with QuickScroll. Oh you have 3GS? Forget I what say then...)
  • New icon design by Sagitt.
  • Localizations.

After this release all features will be frozen. That is, no new features will be accepted, no matter how ingenious it is. (Ya know, this thing gotta be pushed out some day). Only bug fix and new localizations will be allowed for 2.2 (the public version).


  1. ooo, auto enabled via scrolling is actually smooth on my 3G. Didn't seem to have any issues anyway.

    Loading the applications list takes ages though, roughly around 12 seconds every time you load it. Suppose you need a "live" full list every view so you can't cache the results :/

  2. @fusen:

    There is a (little bit) faster and a slow method to enumerate all apps, unfortunately the faster one can't be used because it doesn't list the Poof'ed apps. Since you won't modify the prefs so frequently I think it isn't a big problem.

  3. Please don't freeze the features yet - I'd really like the option to switch off horizontal scrolling and just have the more useful vertical scrollbar.

  4. @padmavyuha:

    For now, delete /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/QuickScroll.bundle/{0,1}.png.

  5. I presume {0,1} mean 0.png + 1.png?

    Is there the possibility of extending the vertical scrolbar 'active' zone further out past its edges? I've been testing it reading a long email in Mail on my phone, and quite often when the scrollbar is halfway down (and little, because the message is long), it doesn't find my finger before the 2 seconds are up.

    By the way, I'd have posted earlier, but I couldn't get this Comments thing to work in Firefox - the 'type this in to prove you're not a spambot' stage never gets reached. I can only post here in Safari.

  6. @padmavyuha:

    1) Yes.
    2) Replace 2.png & 3.png by large images.
    3) Don't complain to me how this site breaks Firefox, complains to Google :(.

  7. 3) I wasn't complaining! Just reporting :)

  8. I'm using the scrollbar mode. In Safari, the vertical scrollbar is goes behind the address/search bar. By comparison, the default scroll bars stop at the edge. It also be preferable to have the default scrollbars hidden (is that possible?) when using the quickscroll scrollbars. It's a bit weird seeing them together especially since they are out of sync.

  9. Kenny the bigboss repo still shows a 1.2 version. Is this the current stable?

  10. Thank you sir.
    Apple should pay you for adding this feature.

  11. I can't get it to work. I am on firmware 2.2 (5G77) according to the "About" section of my iPhone and I have installed and reinstalled and respringed and manually installed and unintalled every version and installed through Cydia and it will not work on my iPhone. In the new version when I tap on "QuickScroll" under my iPhone's "Settings" it simply says "Quickscroll" in small black letters with no selectable options. Is there something obvious I am overlooking like a dependency or source I should have installed for this to work? I have also tried disabling and reenabling QuickScroll under the Mobile Substrate Addons section of SBSettings and nothing. I really want to get this to working. Thank you.

  12. @Anonymous:

    Maybe you should upgrade to 3.1.

  13. This is brilliant, thank you for your wonderful work .
    I found one little bug though : when the "scrollbar" function is activated, moving the numeric keypad around (on the springboard ) causes swiping to be disabled. Only way I found to re-enable it respring.
    Anyway. I love quickscroll 2, cheers !

  14. i really like the new quickscroll, but is there a way to make the dial a page on springboard make page '0' go to search page and page '1' go to the first page of icons? having page '2' jump to the 1st page of icons kinda confuses me, as i think of the first icon page as page 1, the first little dot on the springboard selector button.