Thursday, September 17, 2009

iKeyEx 0.1-99j released, now works in 3.1


This version is an emergency release to make it work in 3.1 (r497, r498). Along with it there are also these changes:
  1. Fixed a crash when uninstalling the Chinese Phrase Tables package (r491)
  2. Fixed a crash when phrases longer than 2 characters are processed (r499)
  3. Fixed a bug in characters sorting, that the sorted array is incorrect (r499).


  1. it's working really fine now
    no worry when typing extra codes in Cangjie anymore! 打多兩碼都唔怕了!
    Great update!

  2. However, the pharse table (字頻表) still needs to be cleared if you want the most logical words to come first, here are some examples:

    (我知道"大弓"同"一弓心"己經 fix 了, 但是仍有好多都是空白字頻表最好用)

    1. 大 >> 會出"乂"先,而不是"大"
    2. 人戈日女 >> 會出"俍"先, 而不是"食"
    3. 卜月卜屍心 >> 會出"帝(龍右面)"先, 而不是"龍"


  3. When will this be on the normal bigboss repo?

  4. Could you make a plist for me that uses the default qwerty and only changes the font on the keys?

  5. Having added both packages Hindi and Easy Hindi, neither is shown as a keybord to choose---regardless if browsed from the stock keyboard config section at the ikeyex config.

    *But* I see both Hindi and Easy Hindi if I go to "Mix and match" (iKeyEx). Hindi is shown as a _Layout,_ but not shown as a valid Input manager. Obviously, choosing a hindi layout and some other input manager only leads to blank keys and crashes of app-I'm-in when typing.

    Any ideas? :-P

    PS. I was *thrilled* when I saw there was a beta version of iKeyEx that would run on 3.1 --- I had already started to give up hope on getting Hindi on the iPhone post 3.0. Thanks for all your efforts!

    iPhone OS version: 3.1
    iKeyEx version: 0.1-99j
    Hindi keyboard version: 0.0-2 (BigBoss repo)
    Easy Hindi keyboard version: 0.0-1 (BigBoss repo)

  6. Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that iKeyEx 0.1-99j and 5 Row Qwerty 0.1-99h are working together nicely so far on my 3GS with 3.0 f/w. Customizations don't work at all until "Delete Cache" is executed, but work fine after that.

    These mods are freakin' awesome!! Thanks heaps.

  7. I would like to get 5 row working on my 3GS with 3.0, but I don't know how to install and setup files given. When will Big Boss installer be available?.....Until then is there someplace with a description of installation procedures?

  8. I use iCosta 倉頡 as chinese input.
    After installed iKeyEx 0.1-99j, the iCosta disappear. Any ways to get it back??


  9. @ Silvester:

    Try reinstalling iCosta. (If it doesn't work, then iCosta is incompatible with iKeyEx.)

  10. @ KennyTM

    Bro I really need a T9 keyboard on iphone OS 3.0.1. .

    will donate thanx

  11. Hi KennyTM,

    Have you had a chance to test this on 3.1.2? Is it OK?

    Thanks for your work! :)

  12. doesnt work on 3G with either 3.0.1 or 3.1.2 :-(
    5RowGerman appears in the settings but no way to create a layout or get it somehow working in the settings. the globe only switches between qwertz or qwerty but doesnt bring me 5Row. its selected both in generell settings and in iKeyex settings. deleting all caches doesnt change anything. any ideas?

  13. sorry, i forgot: i installed 0.1-10 from cydia

  14. Eh, just tried it on 3.1.2. Seems fine!

  15. still no T9 multitap (nokia keyboard) :( ?

  16. KennyTM,

    I'm trying to create my own custom keyboard by modifying the layout.plist file. It's going great, especially with the instructions you wrote here:

    But I have a question: I can't figure out how to put a Control Key into the keyboard. What is the exact punctuation I need to put it into the texts? Specifically, I want the reverse delete key. Thanks! ikky75

  17. Hi! I've been trying a few different keyboard layouts (moving keys around, etc), but now that I think I've settled on one, I'm having trouble cleaning up my mess. I'd like to delete the non-used ones mentioned in iKeyEx's Mix and Match section and Keyboard section, as well as the odd entries in the General Settings/keyboard/international keyboard/ikeyex:xxxxxxx.

    Thanks in advance, Frank

  18. Hi may I know iKeyEx is it compatiable with 3.1.2 and is it available in cydia? I am a window user so I do not know how to use the deb.

    Thanks in advance Kenny.

  19. any idea how to get hclipboard 2.2a working this version of iKeyEx?