Sunday, August 30, 2009

iKeyEx 0.1-99g is released


  • “Text with traits” is now supported, that means your can add color, change font and text size for each key. However, you still cannot use key with image.
  • Native control keys support. (Left, right, home, page down, etc.)


  1. does it fix the mix&match create and dissapear problem too?

  2. Is it theoretically possible to have images for keys? And are you working on that? Please say YES.

  3. Okay, so how can we change the "traits"? Which file contains the settings and where is it located?

  4. no luck...still can't create new mix&match. I've tried to apply permission 775 to all possible things, still can't work...

  5. same here, doesnt work. gone back to .b version which works, except for resetting occasionally.

  6. there is a workaround posted on a xsellize forum by member "rubisco" for dissapearing mix&match.. you'll need to create and edit them by hand.. but it should work.. check this out:

    nevertheless, KennyTM, i think you should take a look at this annoying bug and fix it..

  7. @Anonymous: Please don't all be Anonymous, I can't do specific reply :p


    @Anonymous 2: No. The same reason why there's no keyboard themes in WinterBoard.

    @Anonymous 3: It is documented here: If you're not a keyboard developer, it won't affect you directly.

    @Anonymous 4-7: The only step you need to take, if the pastebin procedure really works, is to make sure /Library/iKeyEx/Config.plist is owned by mobile:mobile and have permission ≥644.
    (This file will be move to ~/Library/Keyboard/ in the next version to allow settings to be preserved even after firmware upgrade. I'll make a postinst script for these permission stuff.)

  8. Anonymous 3 here: Thanks for the pointer. I looked at the structure of layouts and there is a provision for images. If I understand correctly, this would work like the emoji keyboard? According to you change log, images do not yet work. Assuming that images will work at some point, would it be possible to create layouts that are composed just of little images but would still type regular text?

  9. @Anonymous 8:

    1. Images do not work, not do not "yet" work. (And Emoji should work whether you're using images or not. We're talking about custom images here). The amount of work to make keys with images to work is equivalent to patching WinterBoard to allow Keyboard Themes in 3.x.

    2. The text on the key is independent of the text being typed out. So, yes (in 2.x at least).