Wednesday, August 12, 2009

iKeyEx 0.1-99c and QuickScroll 0.1-12d released

iKeyEx 0.1-99c was released, changes were:
  1. Fixed a silly bug causing autocorrection not working for internal input modes.
  2. nlist nows checks for N_ARM_THUMB_DEF just for safety. Probably make it works for 3GS, probably not.
  3. Input modes won't suddenly "reset" now.

QuickScroll 0.1-12d (@r437) fixed a bug where you could scroll horizontally (and actually, vertically too) one pixel too far. Also, it now synchronizes when content size change (e.g. additional content of a web page is loaded, or orientation is changed).


  1. @KennyTM~

    Great! iKeyEx 0.1-99c is working on my 3GS.

    Though, I'll have to find a simple English 5 row keyboard layout to install... It seems that the 5 row keyboard that you have in your download page (hk.kennytm.5RowQWERTY-0.1-9b.deb) cannot be installed due to dependency problems...

  2. @allapur:

    Nice to hear that! Now I can move forward and implement the real useful stuff. :)

  3. @kenny

    thanks installed ikeyex on 3gs with no problem this time

  4. Any progress with hClipboard on 3.0? It's probably the one package I cannot do without and part of the reason I'm still on firmware 2.2.1.

    Also, what appears to be your robots.txt file shows up when I visit this blog on MobileSafari. It is for some reason rendered below the site content but still obtrusive enough to garble the actual post text. If my explanation is confusing take a look at this screengrab:

  5. Is it possible to enable a moving option for the quickscroll popup?
    Now, the popup opns up in the middle and it's very hard to read on he background. If we could move the popup to the left or right then we could read the text that we are scrolling.

  6. Interesting: the new iKeyEx doesn't hose my 3G S any longer but when I manually installed the 5-Row Qwerty keyboard and followed the "mix-n-match" instructions to add it, all I get when I hit the globe is a big layout of emoticons and other cute little icons.

  7. I succeeded 5-Row Qwerty keyboard.

    iPhone 3GS 3.0.1

  8. I bow most humbly to you, Ser Toyoshin, your excellent tweak worked fantastically!

    For those who don't want to wade through a translator, what he did was to install the 5-Row Dvorak keyboard through Cydia, then replace the layout.plist inside it with the one from Kenny's 5-Row Qwerty package (extract with dpkg), then follow the mix-n-match instructions to add the 5-Row Dvorak keyboard but name it 5-Row Qwerty. Worked like a charm!

  9. Is iKeyEx going to be found on Cydia for those that are Open SSh challenged?

  10. I'm very new to the open SSH and was wondering if there is a step by step example of how to install a file like iKeyEx into my iphone using open SSH. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

  11. What I'm trying to do is take the 5 Row Dvorak and edit the files and list and make my own 5 row qwerty.... I'll let you guys know how it goes. If it works, I may need alittle walkthrough on how to make a deb and post it to a repository. :)

  12. Got it! If anyone wants to give me a quick crash course on making a .deb file and uploading to a repository, let me know!

    I will admit though that it's not pretty, but it is functional. :)

  13. The easiest way to install it, for me, it to install wget and MobileTerminal from Cydia. Open MobileTerminal and type these commands:


    (type alpine for the password unless you have changed it)

    dpkg -i hk.kennytm.iKeyEx3-0.1-99c.deb

  14. For Jim:
    You'll want to look through the oSSH tutorial on the Cydia splash page first which will tell you just about everything you need to connect to your iPhone. Before that you'll need a few BSD packages - the Bourne-Again SHell, cURL, Debian Packager and Sudo. Once you ssh to your iPhone you'll need to use cURL to download the package:

    curl -o hk.kennytm.iKeyEx3-0.1-99c.deb

    Then run visudo as root (su root then visudo) and arrow down to just below the line that reads "root ALL=(ALL) ALL" and then hit the i key and type "mobile ALL=(ALL) ALL" - without quotes and the space after mobile is a {TAB} character and the space after (ALL) is just a space - and then a {RETURN}. Then hit the {ESC} key and then type :w {RETURN} and then :q {RETURN}. Visudo is very squirrelly, so if you make any mistakes while typing, hit {ESC} then :q! {RETURN} to quit without saving and start over. Once successful, this will let you run the following command:

    sudo dpkg -i hk.kennytm.iKeyEx3-0.1-99c.deb

    As long as Cydia isn't running on your iPhone the package should install fine.

  15. i was also able to install a 5 row keyboard using the instructions listen in these comments. Thanks.

  16. Dutch translation for QuickScroll:
    Scroller - Scroller
    Go - Ga
    Page number - Pagina nummer
    Close - Sluit

  17. Quick issue. I see the globe and can switch to different keyboards, but not in Mail mode. I only have the standard 3 row keyboard on that. Do I need to do something more?

  18. BTW- Thank you very much Mummified Clown. Your detailed instructions worked great.

  19. Confirmed. iKeyEx 0.1-99c version works great with the Macedonian keyboard layout from older versions too.
    Thank you!

  20. I'd really love to see hclipboard updated! The built-in one is useless for recalling logins, and autofill never works.