Sunday, August 9, 2009

iKeyEx 0.1-99b is released (3.0 only)

Hi girls and guys. 0.1-99f has been released. Maybe check the newest post first before commenting? ;p

iKeyEx 0.1-99b is released. This is a beta version, and the release version will use the version number "0.2".

Compared with the iKeyEx 2.x series, a lot of things are changed that may render an existing keyboard useless.

Firstly, text with traits are not supported yet, meaning keyboard that entirely relying on it such as 1Click@Thai (com.iclick.thai5rowkeyboard) will entirely unusable in this version.

Secondly, libiKeyEx.dylib is rewritten and uses a different API. That means existing keyboard more complex than a standard keyboard, including â„ŹClipboard and 5 Row QWERTY cannot run. If dependence is not a lot, however, transition to 3.x is pretty easy.

Thirdly, the input mode architecture is changed. Previously, an input mode linked to exactly one layout. It is decoupled on 0.1-99b. For example, I can have a 5-row QWERTY keyboard for English, for Japanese and for Chinese simultaneously. You can do it in the Mix & Match options in Settings → iKeyEx. But because a layout no longer completely defines an input mode, installing a keyboard may not be immediately usable.

Example 1: The Deutsch 5 Row Keyboard (com.ipuhelin.keyboards-5rowdeutsch) will be installed using English (US) as input manager. You can fix it by choosing Settings → iKeyEx → Mix and Match → 5RowDeutsch → Input manager → German (Germany).

Example 2: The Dvorak 5Row Keyboard (hk.alim.dvorak5row) was installed without adding itself to the list of input modes. In 2.x you'd add it from International Keyboards, but this is more complicated on 3.x due to the decoupling. The procedure can be summarized into this pic:

In words,
  1. Go to Settings → iKeyEx
  2. Select "Mix and Match",
  3. then "Create", to create a new input mode.
  4. Now, select "Layout",
  5. and change it to "5-Row DVORAK" at the top.
  6. After that, select "Name"
  7. and give it a name. It must not be empty.
  8. Finally, go back to the iKeyEx screen and tap "Keyboard"
  9. You should be able to see the new input mode. Tap on (+) to add it.

I haven't put in any localization yet. They will appear in the next version.


  1. after just installing ikeyex3 beta i keep on booting in safe mode had re remove it without testing it

  2. @chronzz:

    Please send me the crash log.

  3. same in safe mode

  4. @kenny

  5. @chronzz:

    From what I see iKeyEx is successfully loaded, and there's no sign of crash. Please make the SpringBoard crash again, and upload the file /var/mobile/Library/Logs/Latest-SpringBoard.plist .

  6. haha nube here.
    how to install?

  7. @kenny

  8. @ChRoNzZ:

    Try disable iDitDahText...

  9. @kenny

    i removed iditdah and still crashing

  10. @ChRoNzZ:

    May I have the newest crash log? (BTW maybe we should communicate by email).

  11. @kenny

    i installed it on a test device with only ikeyex and winterboard and works no problem im going to try to remove the apps one by one to see what is making it crash

  12. @ChRoNzZ:

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently. :( When you've got result, please mail me to According to your crash log, these may be responsible:
    - Spotbright
    - bosspaper
    - WeatherIcon
    - iRealQuickSMS (I suspect this)
    - StatusNotifier (what's this?)
    - Cyntact (Very improbable)

  13. Mine crashed too....

  14. Attached is my crashlog. Hope it helps.

  15. installed on a 2G with 3.0.1 but cant get the mix & match option. under iKeyEx there is only "international keyboards", "5 row Deutsch" and "error search" (with more options inside). there seems to be no way to setup the 5rowKeyboard, at least not as shown in the pics above. any idea? if i tap "email diagnosis info" the iPhone freezes and nothing happens. "repot issues" brings me to a google page with password protection (?)

  16. It seems that all crashes so far are 3GS devices. Hmm..

    @Anonymous 1:

    "Sorry, there is no pastie #578340 or it has expired. Why not create a new pastie?"

    @Anonymous 2:

    Mix & Match is new in iKeyEx 0.1-99b.

  17. Same here, freezes up. Boots into safe mode. 3GS.

  18. this works great,thank you

  19. @KennyTM: "This is a beta version, and the release version will use the version number "0.2". <-- this it what it says in the title. i installed 0.2 from cydia with the results i posted above. did i get the wrong version? or do i need to install something addional?

  20. @Anonymous (last):

    0.2 isn't even made yet. If you see 0.2, you've been tricked.

  21. Thanks - works good with "5 row Deutsch" on 3G 3.0.0

  22. @KennyTM~

    My apologies, Anonymous 1 with the pastie #578340 was myself in the next post, allapur.

    You have my crashlog already :-)

  23. @kenny: well, cydia shows version 0.2 :-) . anyway, i got it, i tried to install the above file via winSCP but it is asking for an aditional "action" to perform. so i guess i didnt use the complete command line for this program?

    i typed: dpkg - i /tmp/hk.kennytm.iKeyEx3-0.1-99b.deb

    and got the following output:

    /private/var/tmp$ dpkg - i /tmp/hk.kennytm.iKeyEx3-0.1-99b.deb
    dpkg: need an action option
    Type dpkg --help for help about installing and deinstalling packages [*];
    Use `dselect' or `aptitude' for user-friendly package management;
    Type dpkg -Dhelp for a list of dpkg debug flag values;
    Type dpkg --force-help for a list of forcing options;
    Type dpkg-deb --help for help about manipulating *.deb files;
    Type dpkg --license for copyright license and lack of warranty (GNU GPL) [*].
    Options marked [*] produce a lot of output - pipe it through `less' or `more' !

  24. @Anonymous above, there is no space between "-" and "i", it should just be "-i"

  25. ok, cool, installation seemed to work. now i created my 5RowGerman keyboard, launched notes and now using the little globe i can switch between both regular and 5Row keyboards. BUT both have the same layout of 3 rows. i gues i am missing the graphics here? do i need to install something additional?

  26. @allapur: OK.

    @Anonymous (last):
    Is the "Layout" configured to 5 Row German?

  27. there is no 5Row layout existing, only the standard ones.

  28. hi kenny
    can I create a custom input manager?, where the dictionarys is located?, thanks.

  29. this is what i got after installation:

    settings -> iKeyEx -> kerboards + mix and Match

    keyboards -> all standard keyboards and the one i created

    mix and match -> create + 5RowDeutsch which i created

    create -> layout + input manager + name

    layout -> only the standard layouts from OS, no 5RowKeyboards to choose from

  30. got it working!!

    remember this is on 2G with 3.0.1

    installed the above .deb file via terminal in winSCP and after that i installed the "old" 0.2 version via cydia.

    works like a charm :-)

    btw: before i did all that but the other way, first 0.2 via cydia, then the deb file, which turned out with the above posted results.

  31. @Anonymous (1, 3): You have to install a layout first.
    @Anonymous (2): Not yet. we need to figure out the dictionary format.

  32. Anyone got this functional on a 3GS?

  33. Works on 3G 3.0 like a charm!

  34. Just installed on 3GS 32GB version 3.0.1 and it works perfectly. Thanks you Kenny!

  35. Hey Kenny, just a small issue though, the keyboard doesnt show in email but it shows in sms and notes which is not a big deal as I can type it in notes and hit email but i thought letting you know. Otherwise, you made my day, works like a charm on 3GS v3.0.1

  36. Youre awesome. Got my phone yesterday and type dvorak. I put version c on (d kept crashing) and it works nicely on 8gig 3g on 3.0.1

  37. Are we going to see this on Cydia soom? Please?

  38. Using 0.1-99j on my 3GS 3.1.2 and 5RowQWERTY : it's working, but customization through the menu don't appears. It it in TODO ?