Wednesday, August 12, 2009

QuickScroll 0.1-12c released (bug fixes)

QuickScroll 0.1-12c was released. The changes include:
  • Can scroll to the top in MobileNotes now.
  • Now the triple tap will iterate all touches, eliminating any possibility that a triple tap (that ought to be caught) is missed.
  • QuickScroll will be suppressed on non-scrollable views.
  • QuickScroll (PDF paging) will be suppressed on PDF files with 0 pages (usually those incomplete files).
  • Japanese localization.

(And the dylib size drained down from 20,000 bytes to 19,968 bytes :( )

0.1-12c was submitted to BigBoss, so it should appear in a few days. Those who can't wait can download from here.

Meanwhile I want to explain one decision. Why triple tap? My initial intension was three-finger touch, but I sometimes hold the device with one hand and the other occupied, so any multitouch ideas are ruled out. But how about, like, triple-tapping the home button? This won't work either, as it is possible that two web views appear on screen simultaneously. This excluded all solutions not using the screen, e.g. using the home/lock buttons, shaking the device, etc.

If you have installed iKeyEx 0.1-99b (make sure you're using 0.1-99b) and experienced Crash and not using 3GS please email me, preferably with a crash log (and syslog if possible).

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