Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Easier way to get UIView hierarchy.

Before I documented how you can obtain the UIView hierarchy in syslog. It uses custom function, but there is are 2 built-in way to get this.

The first, standard way is to send a GSEvent type #500 to the application, then the dump will be written to /tmp/UIDump in plist format. You can achieve the same by calling in gdb:

call (void)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] _dumpUIHierarchy:0]

When the dump is completed, a Darwin notification "" will be posted.

(You can also take a screenshot with _dumpScreenContents:0 / GSEvent type #501, but the file is in JPEG and pressing Lock+Home isn't that hard...)

(Note: May fail for AppStore apps due to sandboxing.)

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