Thursday, June 4, 2009

Displaying UIView hierarchy of a compiled app

Suppose you want to investigate the view hierarchy of some app you did not write. There is a simple way using GDB:

  1. Compile UIUtilities.m into a dylib or bundle. You can download it precompiled here.
  2. Upload the file to the device, e.g. /var/mobile/UIUtilities.bundle. Do not put it in /var/root/.
  3. Now attach gdb to the executable you want to investigate.
  4. Inject UIUtilities to the executable. In the gdb prompt, type:
    call (int)dlopen("/var/mobile/UIUtilities.bundle", 10)
    If a nonzero value appears, injection succeeded.
  5. Finally, type:
    call (void)UILogViewHierarchy((int)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow])
    The UIView hierarchy of the key window will be recorded in syslog.

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