Tuesday, August 11, 2009

QuickScroll 0.1-12b released, supports PDF paging and activating from anywhere

Download is here, as usual. The seventy people who have installed 0.1-12a should also upgrade for a correct offset calculation in MobileSafari.

Now QuickScroll becomes a 1.5-day project, so there are much more features introduced.


  1. Activate QuickScroll from anywhere, like web pages, long text views, tables, MobileTerminal, SpringBoards, just anywhere you can scroll. (Blame MobileSafari for requiring me to introduce this.)

  2. Jump to any page in a PDF file.

  3. Fixed from 0.1-12: Rotating from portrait to landscape position no longer makes the "Close" button unreachable.

  4. Modified: The alert box is now smaller.

  5. Language support for English, Spanish, Italian (thanks Sagitt for a few translations) and Chinese (T+S).

This version should be stable enough and I think no more features are needed (besides more localizations). The very same package shall appear in Cydia repo soon if I receive no bug reports by tomorrow (14:00 at GMT+8).

P.S. The dylib is exactly 20,000 bytes.


  1. Very nice. It works in everything on my phone that I've thrown at it so far except MobileTerminal. I didn't know MT could even scroll. Is that a typo or am I missing something?

  2. I don't know why, but QuickScroll 0.1-12b only works on my Safari and nothing else.
    FYI, I'm on 3GS.

  3. My apologies, I just realized that the reason QuickScroll wasn't working except for Safari was because I didn't reboot...

  4. @JM:

    You can scroll on the right side of the edge of the screen.

  5. Oh cool, I never knew the terminal could do that. No more piping to less. Quickscroll works great triple tapping on the side and seems a little easier to invoke than the built-in scrolling to me. I'm loving this little app!