Tuesday, December 29, 2009

iKeyEx 0.2b, CrashReporter 0.2e, class-dump-z 0.2a released

Change log for iKeyEx 0.2b:

  • iKeyEx now uses postinst triggers to register layouts and input managers (r594). Keyboard makers may leave out the [pre|post][inst|rm] scripts now because the list will be updated as your keyboard is installed or removed. (You still need a postinst script if you want to support automatic purging.) As a side effect, all input modes explicitly deleted by the user (via Mix and Match) will be added back in and activated. If you really don't want that layout, uninstall it from Cydia.

  • Fixed issue 470: iKeyEx left/right arrows don't work in multi-line text input controls (r593).

  • No longer crashes for a layout with different landscape and portrait layout classes (r588). Thanks erik_joya for reporting!

Change log for CrashReporter 0.2e:

  • Fixed issue 481: CrashReport doesn't recognize FAT binaries. (r592)

Change log for class-dump-z 0.2a (except Windows, I need to reinstall VS2008 first):

  • Support for "hints file" (r589). See this wiki page for detail. Thanks rpetrich for suggestion!

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