Friday, December 4, 2009

iKeyEx 0.2~rc1, Cangjie 0.2-3, CrashReporter 0.2d released

O hai, long time no post!

This is because I have posted many material which were to be put here to the "iPhone Development Wiki" created by Dustin Howett. (And also because of "schoolworks and tests" :p) This blog will remain for release notes only.

Back to the main topic, there are 3 major releases today: iKeyEx 0.2~rc1:
  • Different layouts in portrait and landscape orientation is supported again (r509, thanks DB42 for noticing)
  • CrashReporter support (r548)
  • Hooks only UIKit (r548).
  • Config file is now placed in ~/Library/Preferences/hk.kennytm.iKeyEx3.plist (r559).
  • Keyboard settings won't be lost due to Safe mode anymore.
  • .cin IME: Stop radical composition on failure by default.
  • .cin IME: Corrected sorting.
  • Other minor stuff.

Cangjie 0.2-3:
  • The shift key will be disabled in the 倉頡QWERTY鍵盤. If you want to enter English letters in this keyboard layout, long press on a key (e.g. 水 -> [水][E]).

CrashReporter 0.2d:
  • Made UIProgressHUD truly model to avoid crash due to accidental file deletion during symbolication.
  • Smarter suspect identification.
  • Symbolication in command line with the "-s" flag.
  • Complains if you did not install syslogd :)

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