Tuesday, December 15, 2009

iKeyEx and 5-Row QWERTY 0.2a will be on Cydia soon.

The minor updates for iKeyEx (r579) and 5-Row QWERTY (r580) are released and will be on the Big Boss repo within 2 days. They can be downloaded from here as usual.

These updates are to address some defects reported after 0.2 is put on the repo, for iKeyEx:
  • Keyboards for Hebrew, Arabic and other right-to-left languages will default to use right-to-left input direction. (r578. Thanks DB42/OpenHebrew for reporting!)

  • Eliminated the built-in keyboard selection list in Settings, which became useless when iKeyEx is installed (it cannot be respected because the keyboard list is not safemode-safe otherwise). (r579)

For 5-Row QWERTY:
  • The , and . keys are swapped back to their expected position. (Thanks Optimo for noticing!)

  • Reset the special characters won't duplicate the double quote (") anymore. (r580)

  • Changing the layout flushes the cache correctly now. (issue 471)

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