Saturday, July 18, 2009

class-dump-z & GriP 0.1-11p released

Downloads available in as usual.

What's new in GriP: Again, another attempt to fix issue 129.

What's new in class-dump-z:
  • Doesn't crash with WebKit.framework anymore.
    • The offending struct is XXStruct_GIci6C. Due to some strange thing in the GCC that compiles WebKit, the type of function pointer is encoded into "^" (pointer to !#$^*@#NO_CARRIER) instead of "^?" (pointer to some unknown stuff). The original class-dump won't handle this stuff either, and spit out a huge error string.
  • Doesn't crash with Symbolication.framework anymore.
    • The offending class is VMUCallTreeNode, which contains a union to a pointer to a static-typed objective-C class, which will cause a segfault in 0.1-11o. This was just an error in class-dump-z.
  • Forward declaration of some structs were missing if it is nested. Not anymore.
  • Fixed issue 187. It was because class-dump-z missed the LC_LOAD_WEAK_DYLIB commands.
  • Fixed issue 198.
  • Linux version: PCRE is static-linked. No need to search for the right version of anymore.

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