Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GriP 0.1-11j released

This version introduced a lot of features since 0.1-11e (well you see there are 5 private development versions in between, the change is pretty a lot).

  • Game mode – Suspend GriP in certain applications.
  • Screen On/Off detection – Hold important messages when the screen is off, and show them all when the screen is on again.
  • Multi-column support – Basically, you can fill a whole screen of GriP messages where you could only fill half before :p
  • Theme customization – Currently you can only change the width of the Default theme, but the framework is completely general.

For developers, GriP now supports using Emoji as icon. For theme makers, the max width of the GriP message window can be queried using `+[GPMessageWindow maxWidth]`. The background colors of the window can be modified with `+[GPMessageWindow setBackgroundColor:]`, if you don't like to do that yourself.

You can download at http://code.google.com/p/networkpx/downloads/list as usual.


  1. I love Grip, but strangely I seem to be unable to make changes to its configuration. Whenever I change a value, go one screen back and then recheck the value it is reset to its default.

    I have installed Grip through Cydia.

    Any clue???

  2. @x5nder:

    Try ssh into your device and type

    chmod a+rw /Library/GriP/GPPreferences.plist

  3. @KennyTM~

    Ah. The file was 0664, that was indeed the problem! Thanks!

  4. Out of curiosity, why is GriP's dylib so weirdly named? Is it to try to get it to load before other dylibs? If other dylibs need the functionality from GriP (I have heard that GriP is somewhat of a library), other binaries should link against GriP directly: there's no guarantee that MobileSubstrate will load things in any particular order (if you need that feature, you should request it and describe why, so we can see if there's some better way of doing it first).