Saturday, March 14, 2009

One week of inactivity?

The networkpx project was inactive for the whole week. Why? If you see the last post you should know I was trying to implement a screen video capturer. Eventually it's a miserable failure. The problem is lack of RAM -- the capturing program uses too many resources and caused a kernel panic. So I have eventually got rid of the idea. Instead, a viable solution would be capturing through the USB cable with the MobileDevice (private) framework. I don't know MobileDevice, so let's put it aside.

So what now? I'm upgrading iKeyEx to the next minor version 0.1-10. Features included or expected to include are:
  • Squeezing the variants when there's more than 10 of them, so Vietnamese accents can be shown properly (implemented)
  • Allow disassociating portrait and landscape mode in layout.plist
  • "Email diagnosis info", which automatically sends all the crash log to me by mail. I create this because many issue reporters failed to give me the info I really needed :( so let's automate it.
  • Long press the globe to select a keyboard to jump to.
  • Labels for variants.

This will not be the last version of the 0.1 line because there are still numerous crash reports floating around. The "Email diagnosis info" will be the key feature that allows more accurate crash data collection. Then hopefully 0.1-11 will be the last of 0.1-*.

(if you're a (non-SDK) developer and wants to implement similar feature, you can look into src/MailCrashLog.m and src/UIKit3/UIMailComposeView.m of the SVN trunk now.)

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