Friday, February 27, 2009

iKeyEx & 5-Row QWERTY 0.1-7 Released

I was not updating last few days because I wanna clear all the homework first. Anyway, there's no major update about ⌘, but there is a huge addition in 5-Row QWERTY.

The front end to modify Info.plist & layout.plist of 5-Row QWERTY has been implemented in v0.1-7, so that you can:
  • Change the auto-correction language, or even use the built-in IMEs:
    (5-Row QWERTY × Traditional Chinese Pinyin IME)
  • Change the default layout to QWERTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY and many others
  • Totally customize the special characters, e.g. change the ^ to ?, $ to €, etc.
There are a few bug fixes and improvements as well, which are recorded in the ChangeLog as usual.

iKeyEx 0.1-7 is a minor update which addresses a few bugs. However, the critical one still has not been fixed because no one has ever given me a crash log or a useful crash log.

Although the layout engine of 5-Row QWERTY only depends on 0.1-6, the preferences binary depends on a single 0.1-7 function "iKeyEx_KBMan" for clearing the cache quickly. Therefore you still need to upgrade iKeyEx to make it work.

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